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An old and abandoned 100-year-old mule shed was the inspiration that led to the birth of The Offbeat India and for a localised attempt to stem the flow of youth leaving Uttarakhand’s mountain villages for jobs in big cities.

All this started when on one of the many visits to Garhwal region, an acquaintance asked Amit and Shipra for a rather reluctant favour- to help his younger son find a job in Delhi, his older son was already working in the city at that time and his brother wanted to follow, in vain! An epiphany struck Amit and Shipra when they learned hands-on about the anomaly of Uttarakhand’s emptying mountain villages with the youth leaving in large numbers to the cities in search of jobs, which is in fact a reality in most mountain villages in India! Amit and Shipra decided to come up with a solution for the young man to stay back in the village and yet be productively and contentedly employed.

It was a grim beginning for Amit and Shipra to realize that only a few families and three shops remained in the village of Devikhal, 16 km from Lansdowne. Amit, a management professional, and Shipra a Media professional, former deputy director of Wildlife Trust of India, narrowed down their search on an abandoned 100-year-old mule shed and transformed it into the colourful & spirited Lansdowne Trip Travel Cafe, a cafe-cum vintage store. This transformation was also life changing for the couple who quit their corporate jobs in Delhi, in order to move to Lansdowne. 

This was the birth of The Offbeat India!

Lansdowne Trip Travel Café is a Community run venture with local villagers running the operations and business.

Guided Trips with Amit & Shipra