Lansdowne Trip

Travel café ​

Lansdowne Leaf

An enriching experience!

Lansdowne Trip Travel Café is a Community run venture with local villagers running the operations and business. Apart from serving scrumptious food, it is a manifesto for cultural exchange by hosting village walks, having storytelling sessions between travellers and villagers, and by indulging guests in exclusive dinners where the village families cook authentic Garhwali cuisine. 

The LTTC is run and managed by local villagers and all supplies come from the community. Five families of the village are happily associated with the cafe. 

Lansdowne Trip Travel Café has been the foundation of what has been a very enlightening and enriching journey for us as well as our patrons in immersive travel!

The Offbeat India, based in Lansdowne, offers guided trips, runs a travel cafe near Lansdowne, operates and supports village stays and helps farmers in the region sell their organic produce directly to consumers.