Guided trips with

Amit & Shipra

If you are looking to experience travel beyond the ordinary, beyond the tourist maps, you have truly arrived!

Guided trips to India with Amit and Shipra are organized to remote and local parts of the chosen region that are not always a part of the regular tourist circuit. The experiences are tailor-made and all the tour itineraries are a medley of wildlife and culture. The Offbeat India organises unique tours to India in destinations such as Kalagarh Tiger Reserve (Uttarakhand), Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary (Uttar Pradesh), Dudhwa National Park (Uttar Pradesh), Vyasghat (Uttarakhand), Devikhal Village (Uttarakhand), Dhura Village (Uttarakhand), Dhauntiyal Village (Uttarakhand), Lansdowne (Uttarakhand). 

At its very core, it is the involvement of the local host communities in running these tours is what sets Guided Tours with Amit and Shipra apart from any other regular tour operator in India. 

“Unlike the regular Jungle Safari, we will not have back to back wildlife Safaris for you on the itinerary, instead we will ensure that in a two nights itinerary, an entire day is spent in a village! You will get to interact with villagers, indulge in a local meal cooked on wood-fired chulha (stove), enjoy a relaxing nap on wood charpois (outdoor cots), chat with forest guards to hear their life story and most importantly learn how to travel slow.”

-Amit & Shipra

Slow Travel in India

The Offbeat India is an attempt to create employment and livelihood opportunities for local villagers in many parts of Uttarakhand that have been affected by youth migration.

Join us in our endeavour as you enjoy itineraries tailor-made just for you!