Welcome to The Offbeat India!

An India exists beyond the usual chartered territories, beyond its palaces and forts, beyond its well-sculpted temples and magnificent havelis, beyond herded and guided tiger safaris, beyond the veiling comfort of “luxury” resorts, beyond the last roads on the maps; an India of small nameless villages and unknown roads, of dense jungles with hardly visible ‘pathways’.

Bond with the Community

Lives shared with the fortunes of the forests, living on the edge at the mercy of weather gods, yet bonds of community forged so strong that it brings into perspective our values and judgements.

An India where giving is a way of life, sustainability is not a choice; veneration of guests, a default state.  This is the India we live, cherish and immerse in, this is the India we bring to you. 

Welcome to the Offbeat India!

Lansdowne Trip Travel Café

With inspiring beginnings as a souvenir shop to the most happening cafe in the region, a place to be seen, recognized with many awards, accolades and media coverage, the story of LTTC is something we are proud of being associated with.

Wander away into the unknown depths of this world, and let your soul guide you.


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